22 Best Responsive WordPress Video Themes

By | January 10, 2014

WordPress Video Themes – An invitation to be a video blogger.

If you are a video blogger, then presenting your videos using responsive wordpress theme will make an elegant statement. Besides putting your own video , you can embed videos from Youtube, vimeo etc.  There are many options available in these premium themes. It is a worthy option to go for these WP themes. Below is a great list of these themes.

                                                                               [Updated: 22 JAN, 2014]

VideoPress – A Self Hosted Video Streaming Theme

Welcome to VideoPress a self hosted video streaming wordpress theme. VideoPress is a simple theme were you can upload you own videos and make it available for streaming online. Become the next youtube website and build your website using videopress, its easy to use just a few clicks to create videos.
More Info  Demo 2  videopress——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————

Primero – Video WordPress Theme

Show off your work with this easy-to-customize and fully featured WordPress Theme.
More Info  Demo 2  Primero——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————

Motion Picture – Responsive WordPress Video Theme

Strange that the Obox brand was built off the back of a video blog yet we only have one video theme on our site…
That wrong has to be righted, so today we are excited to release our latest Premium WordPress theme called Motion Picture. A video-centric theme for the video bloggers amongst us.
More Info  Demo 2 Motion Picture——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————

deTube – Professional Video WordPress Theme

deTube is a Professional Responsive Video WordPress Theme designed for video site, video blog video Portal. This theme will help you get a professional video site up and running quickly, it is inspired by the popular websites: YouTube, Vimeo and Dribbble. No modest to say that it is the most powerful video WordPress theme so far.
More Info  Demo 2 Detube——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————

Solar – Video WordPress Theme

Show off your work with this easy-to-customize and fully featured WordPress Theme. When purchasing this theme, you will receive a detailed help file along with additional features like Video Support and Responsive Layout.
More Info  Demo 2 Solar——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————

Azione – WordPress Video Blogging Theme

We are kicking off the new year with a lovely WordPress video theme called “Azione” (Action). Azione is a theme for video bloggers, with a clean and minimal design, giving you huge scope to turn the design into anything you like. It’s also flexible and features a neat little home page slider effect.
More Info  Demo 2  Azione——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————

The Producer: Responsive Film Studio Theme

The Producer is a film focused WordPress theme for studios and production companies. It was entirely designed around showcasing videos. Features a unique “panel” effect when scrolling as well as a traditional credit roll effect.
More Info  Demo 2 The Producer——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————

Wave: Video Theme for WordPress

Wave is a beautiful and flexible theme catered to those that want to build a video focused site.
More Info  Demo 2 Wave——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————

Gigawatt – WordPress Video Theme

More Info  Demo 2 Gigawatt——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————

Vipress – Responsive Blog, Magazine & Video Theme

VIPRESS is responsive wordpress theme, let you choose between dark and light colors, with the ability of uploading fullscreen backgrounds, choosing the site elements color and font ( all google fonts available ), choosing if you want boxed or stretched layouts, transparent or no transparent backgrounds, 4 slider forms, unlimited pages templates, 12 awesome widgets, unlimited sidebars, modular homepage, and more, VIPRESS can be used for each user that want to make a magazine or video site with his own style.
More Info  Demo 2 Vipress——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————

VideoCraft WordPress Theme

VideoCraft is not just your regular Video Theme, Using VideoCraft you can run a full-blown user generated Video Site.

VideoCraft Theme comes with a complete User Registration Module and Video Upload Module which allows Users to upload their own video files and also allows to easily embed the Video through URL’s from sites like Youtube, Vimeo, MetaCafe or Dailymotion.

VideoCraft Theme makes it easy to create your own Video Submission Platform. The coolest thing is you can run a Video site based on your interests and upload and embed videos in a quick and easy way.
More Info  Demo 2 Video Craft——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————


Videozoom is an elegant theme with a neat featured slider, ready to play any videos you want to embed into your posts. With JW Player integration you can even play your self-hosted videos!
More Info  Demo 2 Videozoom——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————

MovieScope – Responsive WordPress Portal Theme

MovieScope Responsive WordPress Portal Template is an attractive an also universal theme. It can be used for music, movie, TV, sport, game, tech, auto, fashion, photo, cookery etc.
More Info  Demo 2 Moviescope——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————

Goodways – Entertainment and Film WordPress Theme

Goodway is a modern entertainment wordpress theme perfect for film, tv, movies company and agency sites.
More Info  Demo 2 Goodways——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————

Made – Responsive Review/Magazine Theme

Made is an industrial strength review/magazine Buddypress theme powered by a rock solid framework built to showcase your content and proven to increase the amount of time users spend on your site. Two unique skins, unlimited color schemes, and a brilliant array of provided background designs enable you to make Made your own.
More Info  Demo 2 Made——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————


VideoPlus is a feature-rich theme that can be used for video sites, news & magazine sites or any type of sites that you can imagine.
More Info  Demo 2 Video Plus——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————


VideoPro is a feature-rich theme that can be used for video sites, news & magazine sites or any type of sites that you can imagine.
More Info  Demo 2 Video Pro——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————

The VideoStar Theme

The fully responsive and adaptive RichWP VideoStar Theme is the perfect choice for your WordPress based video site. The theme offers an intelligent way to display a large number of posts that will immediately attract your visitors’ attention right on the front page.
More Info  Demo 2 Videostar——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————

The Video Hub Theme

This responsive and adaptive RichWP WordPress Video Theme offers an intelligent way to display a large number of posts that will immediately attract your visitors’ attention right on the front page.

The optional featured posts section lets you highlight your best content, while the carefully placed widgetized areas are perfect for displaying revenue generating advertising.
More Info  Demo 2 Video Hub——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————


Meet Vidiho. Our first video blogging theme. We use WordPress’s built-in video functionality which makes embedding videos really easy.
More Info  Demo 2  Vidho——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————


Create unlimited video categories, show popular videos, rate videos and share them on social network. This theme is just perfect for Video Blogging. Free of cost
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SocialPlay – Media Sharing WordPress Theme

With crafty design and magnificent look, this super flexible and fully responsive WP theme introduces a unique trend for your media syncing/sharing website. If you don’t want to upload miscellaneous audio and video files directly to your own website, it is just fine! Simply, upload media files on any of the gigantic media sites, viz. YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Blip.tv, uStream, MetaCafe and SoundCloud and play the same on your own website!

The management of video channels, audio albums, user profiles and video playlists has been made as simple and seamless as possible. Nicely formatted source code and the inclusion of detailed PSD files enable you customize or modify the theme quite easily and to a great extant. Multi-level Dropdown Menu and custom graphics contribute to its beauty and catchiness. Most importantly, SocialPlay is search engine optimized to earn your website the highest possible ranking.

More Info  Demo 2 Social Play——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————