20 Best Free Magento Themes

By | May 22, 2014

When one thinks of opening up an online shop, Magento is right at the top of the list. The reason why Magento is popular as a ecommerce platform  is due to the customization  and easy usability. There are so many themes available in this platform which can be customized according to your needs. You have responsive themes that fit all mobile devices as well as non responsive themes. We in this article will give you the list of best free Magento themes. You may also like

Shoes Theme

More Info Demo 2

shoes theme


Grayscale Free Magento Template

Nice, minimal Free Magento Template. Beautiful and sleek, it’s the attention to detail that really makes this theme shine. This clean, elegant theme comes in grayscale colors. Suitable for electronic gadgets, jewelry or accessories stores.

Enables the following functions and modules: admin-side-manageable banner slider on home page, horizontal product/categories menu, newsletter sign-up block, most popular block, home page products, shopping cart side-bar, customer service block, up-sells and cross-sells.

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Pinstyle Magento Theme

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Pinstyle Magento Theme


 Gala Eva Theme

Fashion Magento Theme – Gala Eva is the most powerful free Magento themethat you ever see. This free magento template has powerful backend settings that allow to configure text colors, background colors, background images, fonts, images slideshow, banners easily without any technical skill needed.

This free Magento theme is supposed to design for fashion store, but with the clean, simplified design and specially the most powerful theme settings make it suitable for all types of store.

The images slideshow is developed as a Magento widget of this Fashion Magento Template allows you to easily select images, select text and furthermore it support over 20 transition effects easily to configure in the backend. This is certainly the great feature that interest you.

More Info Demo 2

Gala Eva


Fashion store with glamor banner

Nowhere can you find out the best design for your vogue boutique than in our theme Collection with Fashion Chic theme. This design charms with its color scheme and glamor banners, making sure of seducing every fashionista. Give your visitors pleasures not only of your products but also the cult shop with Fashion Chic!
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Jewelery Swanky

Jewelry Swanky must be the ideal interface for you to perform your diamond ring, necklace, watch and earrings….The harmonious palette of Black, Grey and White is also perfect for stores selling wedding, watches and others. Let’s take some minutes to discover this template!
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HelloWired Free Responsive Theme

Say Hello to HelloWired, take your store to the next level with this great free theme. The theme itself has some great features to mess around with! It really is perfect for store owners seeking for simplicity, and for those who want a really slick theme to build their new Magento design upon. The theme features a front page slider to showcase latest products, Pretty jQuery popup, supports all major browsers and lot’s more. This clean theme is ideal for all categories of products( electronic, apparel, furniture etc). To download the theme you have to tweet or post it on Facebook / LinkedIn.
More Info Demo 2 hellowired ——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————

Shoe Store Responsive Magento Theme

This free responsive theme will adapt to all mobile devices and gadgets. It is built with latest Html5 , CSS3 technology and google webfonts. Template files were re-coded using grid Bootstrap principles. It has product zoom, back to top button and lot’s more as features. For download you need to  tweet or post a Facebook/LinkedIn post . Ideal for your online shoe store.

More Info Demo 2  Shoe Store ——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————


Mage-World is pleased to inform that new free theme mEbay is now available after two week wait.It is a basic magento theme with clean look and user friendly performance. Get the inspiration from one of the world leading online auction and shopping website, eBay, we have designed this free theme with the aim of bringing customers great shopping experience. It is promisingly suitable for any kind of magento web-shop. In addition, completely customizable sub pages are included. Like other magento themes of Mage-World, this theme is HTML & CSS validated carefully. It’s also easy to install, easy to use and quite free.

More Info Demo 2 mEbay ——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————

Mobile Shoppe – A Responsive Theme

This responsive theme has a user friendly navigation. It adjusts its look on all browsers with any resolution. Homepage, slider and footer links are managed from static block and CMS pages features of magento. Suitable for all for all business stores More Info Demo 2 Mobile Shoppe ——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————


This neat clean theme will lead to a great online store. Made with latest CSS3 & HTML technology. It is a fully responsive theme. Template files were re-coded using grid Bootstrap principles. Other features include product zoom with backend settings, Product Next & Previous View and lot’s more.

More Info Demo 2 Electronics ——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————

Free Responsive Magento Theme

This responsive theme is suitable for setting up a online food shop.

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Responsive Magento



Free fashion is a  Magento Theme ideal for clothing , models and fashion. It has an impressive design with large images, colors, and textures, which bring a bright view and glamour features to the website. Especially with the harmonious combination of youthful colors with bright structures will attract the attention of women.Fully responsive theme made with latest CSS3 technology. More Info Demo 2

Free Fashion



This is an Seo Optimized theme . It loads fast on website leading to best customer experience.  There is a free 90 day support. It comes with best color options so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.



Women Fashion

Women Fashion is a Magento Theme with a very elegant design. This Magento Template is perfect for any kind of fashion products. You will definitely impress your customers due to our big focus on usability and clear structures. The theme is highly customizable. All blocks in Header, Footer and Homepage can be managed in the Magento backend CMS.

More Info Demo 2 Women Fashion


Electronics Online

Electronics Online is a Magento Theme with a clean and technical design. This Magento Template is perfect for Electronic products but also any other kind of store.

More Info Demo 2 Electronics Online



This is a clean customizable magento theme for opening up a  bag store. It is 100% HTML/CSS/DIV compliance. It has a left 2 columns layout.

More Info Demo 2

 free bag store



The theme has the following  features: Full Responsive which adapting display to all devices Theme created using Html5 & CSS3 features and google webfonts Template files were re-coded using grid Bootstrap principles Product Zoom with Backend Settings Back to top button Product Next & Previous View Compatibility:,,

More Info Demo 2



Free Magento Theme Jewelry

Jewelry is a Magento Theme with an elegant design and different textures. This Magento Template is perfect for jewelry or fashion products. You will definitely impress your customers due to our big focus on usability and clear structures. The theme is highly customizable. All blocks in Header, Footer and Homepage can be managed in the Magento backend CMS.

More Info Demo 2 Jewelry


AZ Shop

AZ Shop is an elegantly magento theme which can be used for fashion products of all kinds. It has 2 main skins for shopkeepers to choose: stylish pink and mild white. This theme can be exclusively applied to each fashion item such as apparel, footwear, bags and other accessories. With eye-catching colored skins, it will make each product more outstanding and attractive. Thus this exquisite theme is highly recommended for all fashion stores. Like other magento themes of Mage-World, this theme is HTML & CSS validated carefully. More importantly, it is upgraded to be fully compatible with all Magento versions. It’s easy to install, easy to use too.

More Info Demo 2  Az shop——————FEEDTIP————————————-FEEDTIP————————————–FEEDTIP——————