Best Websites To Make Free Apps

By | September 22, 2013

We love our smartphones and tablets . Using apps is part and parcel of our lives. Having our own apps is pride feeling.  We can get our  free  apps without any knowledge of coding  . Let us explore the 10 best websites to make free apps:

1. AppsBar
It is easiest free way to make your apps for  Android ,Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Phone. The Appsbar  not only let you make a free app but also publishes  your created app.  All you need to to is log in for free  and input your desired features to get your required app.

2. MobileAppWizard
Another website where you can get your  Android,  iPhone, iPad, and HTML5 app. You can get free app for websites,  business, organisations etc. It also helps you to publish the app at various publishing platforms.

3. Appmakr
You can design your own  iPhone and Android app at Appmakr. It is very quick and easy to make your app.  Any person ( blogger, musician, publisher etc)  with content  can get the app made  for free. Besides a free option there is paid option .

Another online platform that let you make  free Android App and  monetize them.In 2 easy steps you can create web content into  free Android App.

5. Createfreeiphoneapps
Here you can make free iPhone, iPod and iPad compatible apps These build up app can be submitted to App store for free.

6. iBuildApp
A platform where you can get business app on iOS and Android operating  platforms. Get a free app made in 5 minutes.

7. Buzztouch
Get free  iOS and  Android app made . It provides you with app source code and hosts up to 3 apps.

8. TheAppBuilder
A place where you make app for  your  Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and HTML 5 compatible devices. You can make a  customized design  adding your own logos, splash screen , color scheme and so on .  It also helps you publish your app at market place

9. Bloapp
This is an innovative platform for bloggers as it lets  you convert your blogging site  into iPhone and Android app for free. You can customize your app according  to your required layout, add text , logos etc

10. Free Android App Maker
Another  site to get  your free Android app. All you need to do is  choose a design from template provider , then add your customized  content and submit  it . If your submitted app is accepted then you can download  your application at Play Store and share it with friends.

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