5 Free Alternative Software To Microsoft Office

By | April 16, 2013

5 Free Alternative Software To Microsoft Office

The whole world loves Microsoft Office, it is  the best document editing software. But this software comes with a price tag. We have many free alternatives to Microsoft. These software can be downloaded  and installed in your personal computer. Let us take you to the list of four document editing software.

1) OpenOffice.org

This is a free open source software competing  Microsoft Office. It comes with a package of five productivity modules: a) Writer – the word processor,b) Calc -to make  spreadsheet d) Impress- to make presentations e)Draw- to edit /make graphics  f)Base-to manipulate databases. It is the best and most downloaded  free substitute for Microsoft. Users will find very difficult to find a flaw in this software.





2) Kingsoft Office 2012

A free office suite software  that  has  three  productivity modules :a) word processor b) spreadsheet program c) presentation maker. This software is fully compatible with Microsoft Office file formats. It has a  Pdf Convertor, automatic spell  checker, multiple tabs etc.  A great  alternative to Microsoft Office.

kingsoft office


3) Libre Office

Libre Office  is  another free office software consisting of writer( word processor), Calc( spreadsheet program), Draw (Image editor), Impress(presentation maker), Math, and base( data base manipulator). Each application interface is similar to Microsoft Office products.



4) SSuite Office

Another free office suite software.  This software consists of WordGraph ( word processor), Accel Spreadsheet ( spreadsheet program), PDF Memo Creator ( creates PDF file), e-mail,  Netsurfer (Web browser), plus  lots of  bundled extra utilities. A decent free option for Microsoft Office

 SSuite Office


5)Softmaker FreeOffice
A free alternative to Microsoft Office . It can be installed on Windows and Linux operating system. This software come with FreeOffice Text Maker( word processor), FreeOffice PlanMaker(spreadsheet program)and FreeOffice Presentation(Presentation making program). A nice well designed interface combined with easy to use.

Softmaker FreeOffice


One thought on “5 Free Alternative Software To Microsoft Office

  1. NinjaKikr

    SSuite Office has excellent office suites and software applications, has just enough to be useful. What makes it interesting is that it has no main menu.

    But it is still the prettiest interface I have seen. The icons are large, beautiful and very crisp. The overall look is excellent and the apps are very easy to use.

    The documents formats are limited, but at least they can be opened by any other editors.

    If you want something quick and can still do the job, this will do just fine.


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