Best Facebook Tips and Tricks

By | April 20, 2013

 5 Best Facebook Tips and Tricks

Facebook  is used by huge number of people on daily basis. We are  familiar with basic things like add/delete friends, update status, chatting, share file/photos, but there are some more tips and tricks that will make Facebook more interesting.We are listing the  5 best Facebook Tips and Tricks

1. Removing Facebook Side ads
Use Facebook: Cleaner to remove these annoying sponsored ads and updates.

facebook ads


2. How to post blank status

Insert this text @[3:3: ] in your update status and  then press post to for a blank status.

blank status 

3.Download friends photo album in one click

Go to Download Photo Albums – a Facebook app, Login with your Facebook id to download your friends photo album in one click. Click start downloading button and follow the subsequent steps to download the pictures

Download Photo Albums


4.Writing flip status update.

You can write a flip status update  by going to the site .  At this site – Write the text  in type text box and copy the flip text in copy box. Then paste the copied flip text  it in your Facebook update box to get a flip update like below.

facebook flip status


5. Writing the status in blue color.

Use  the code @@[1:[0:1: your text]]

Replace your text in the code with the text you want to post. Then paste the code with text in Facebook update box.

facebook blue color text


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