13 Best Iphone Utility Apps

By | September 23, 2013

Imo meesanger13 Best Iphone Utility Apps

1. Imo Messenger

Cost: Free

A free app which helps you to make voice calls and instant messaging.

It links all your instant messaging accounts like Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo messenger, Facebook Chat and other services into a single Imo messenger account.

You can send photos, videos and  use for group messaging.

 The chat history is automatically stored and it can be searched fully


 Private Photo Vault 2. Private Photo Vault

Cost: Free

This app hides your photos which you don’t want anyone seeing them with password protection.

One can store single photo/video, or complete album using this app.

Since all the content is password protected their no headache of someone seeing it without your permission.

If someone tries to open your photos this app will generate break-in report.

Besides storing  photos and videos , you can see them and share them by emailing them, text messaging or wireless transfer.


Turbo scan3. Turbo Scan

Cost: $1.99

This app converts your iPhone into a multi page scanner .

Your iPhone camera is used to scan all types of documents and save them as Jpeg or PDf files.

The scanned result of document  is crystal clear copy.

One can make multiple page PDFs or Jpeg and then you can save or email them.

You even print it via AirPrint.


Onavo Extend4. Onavo Extend

Cost: Free

An app that optimizes your data usage .

It checks how much each app is using the data thus preventing wastage of data plan.

Onavo Extend compresses your  data giving you up to  five times more data with the existing data plan, thus saving lot of money.


 iDisplay Mini5. iDisplay Mini

Cost: $0.99

This app turns  your iPhone as secondary display monitor  for  your  computer.

It supports both Mac and Windows based  computers.

Buy this app for your phone , then you need to install a free software in your PC.

Now both your PC and iPhone needs to be over the same Wi-Fi network  to convert to iPhone screen as secondary display


Solar6. Solar

Cost: Free

When you need a weather app, this app Solar tops the list.

It is the coolest apps which displays weather data in form colorscapes.

It brings GPS weather information delivered  by Wunderground.com based on BestForecast.

The design of the app is really wonderful and person friendly.


whatsapp7. WhatsApp Messenger

Cost: $0.99

A very popular messenger that lets you send messages, multimedia files such as audio, video, photo files to your to contact list all for free domestically and internationally .

It uses your internet connection over Wi-Fi or 3G/edge network .

It is cross border app working  on all major operating phone software ( Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows )


 appzilla 3 8Appzilla 3

Cost: $0.99

This app when installed in your phone gives you access to 150 app.

The sheer number of apps under one roof in a very cheap way  makes  Appzilla 3 worthwhile  money saver app.



Cost: Free

This app helps search places to buy grocery, find eating places, looking for drugstore, gas station etc. without going all over the town .

You can read a full list of reviews by active community of locals to search the best and what is not best.

Besides reading reviews you can also pen down your reviews.


Pulse 10. Pulse

Cost: Free

Pulse lets you have all news and reading from various blogs, newspaper,  social sources etc. all at one place.

This app stores your stories for offline reading.

It is the best reading integration app


 Epicurious11. Epicurious

Cost: Free

This app lets you access to over 30,000 recipes from Epicurious.com – The award winning food site.

Recipes can be searched by keywords, ingredients, seasons and events.

The recipes you like can be saved. Shopping lists can be created . One can share recipes and shopping lists with friends by emailing  them , using Facebook , Twitter etc.

This app is delight for food lovers


 Kayak 12. Kayak

Cost: Free

Travel lovers will love this app.

As this app helps you make hotel search, flight tracking, renting car , airline number and info etc. all with easy access.


 Wi-Fi-Finder13. Wi-Fi Finder

Cost: Free

This app helps you search Wi-Fi hotspots free and paid.

It helps you locate the closest Wi-Fi location.

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